As it is usual with every other concept, we also created an idea first, which happened by the end of the year 2014. Our vision was to create and implement an original project, which every sportsman or fan would appreciate. Then SHOWER PUCKS AND BALLS were originated.

Due to us also being big football fans, we decided to start with the production of shower gel where the bottle is in the shape of a football.


In the first stage it was necessary to solve the design, then the construction, material, function and finaly the most important thing the gel itself.


During the process of development, possibilities of production in the countries of the third world came our way, but we decided to stay a Czech company and produce all of our products in the Czech republic with European quality. The most difficult was to solve the structural solution of the product, due to the difficult round shape, material and functionallity, which we managed successfully along with patenting it. The last thing which was left, was to sovle the shower gel and design and to create our own accredited recipe to fulfil the requirements and expectations of all fans.

Unique product

The product itself is made by most modern technologies, but there is no technology nowadays, which is able to make a multicoloured plastic product. That is the only reason to create the black pentagons and logos of the club on footballs manually afterwards, thanks to which each piece is an original.