We are a family company from the Czech Republic, founded in 2010. In November 2014, we got an idea to launch a unique project SHOWER PUCKS AND BALLS.

It is a unique bottle of shower gel in the shape of sports balls and pucks focusing on athletes and sports fans of all ages around the world. The uniqueness of our products is based on patented construction and design. The shower gel are produced with the highest quality, accredited by their own recipe for the perfect purity and freshness.

Currently, our main objective is primarily active cooperation with sports clubs. We are able to offer their fans an original shower gels with mited production of the order,

To preserve the uniqueness of the product, our strategy is aimed to deliver our products exclusively to sports clubs and their fans. A matter of course is to produce limited editions with placing their own sports club logo on the packaging of shower gel.

The vision of this project is to constantly develop and move on.

Motto: Keep going:)